Hi, my name is Anna.
Mama of two and former Speech-Language Pathologist. Anna has lived in Charleston most of her life and grew up swimming/boating here. She recognizes the need for child water safety in this city. When pregnant with her first child, she read about a tragic drowning and began researching survival swim programs. Anna wanted to ensure the safety of her own children in any potential threatening water event. Her reserch led me to the conclusion that Infant Aquatics has a recognizably superior method which is evident in its results. But Charleston did not have an instructor! Anna traveled to Longmont, CO, took the 6 week certification training and brought this method of survival swim lessons back to my family and our community. 
"The ability to equip children with a fighting chance to survive a potentially fatal water accident is a gift to me. I am grateful to share it with you."
Fun fact: Anna is an underwater limbo champ!
Hi, my name is Marisa.
Marisa spent her childhood in Virginia Beach and has lived in Charleston for over 15 years. She enjoys spinning, running, yoga, and cooking. She hates baking. She previously worked in healthcare and senior living.
Marisa's oldest son completed swim lessons with Anna and it was a truly amazing to see him go from timid and not swimming to confident around the water and a little fish! The opportunity to work with Anna and teach children such a crucial skill like swimming is so exciting and fulfilling.
Marisa and her husband live on James Island with their two boys and Sheepadoodle named Larry David.